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Welcome to Felinmawr

Felinmawr is a frontier town built on the remains of a much older settlement.

The most notable feature of the older settlement is a massive mill set on the river that runs along the southern edge of the place. It may have been made by Fomor or perhaps another civilization, but with so many other things to do in order to survive, the local frontiersmen just leave it alone. They did name the town after it, but most of the activity takes place around Bryn Westy, the fortified guest house and inn that supplies the large caravans which make their way from the Dwarf-kingdoms to the southwest all the way to Tordanal past the eastern mountains. The Westy is well-known in the area for its heavily spiced blackened fish, lamb stew made with black beer, and parsley potatoes. In the last ten years, it has endured three major goblin raids, the most recent of which killed several townspeople and led to the formation of a regular militia.

The Cleddyfbrig Mountains form a semicircular barrier which contains, shelters, and isolates the valley men call Cwm Felin. It’s a hard place to live but each man has his freedom and a piece of land to call his own, unlike the impacted and long-inhabited vales around Tordanal and central Kincyth. Good weather and arable land mean productive farming, occasional merchant caravans mean access to hard currency and goods, and the river Afon Melys means consistent water. Despite the depredations of goblin raiders, and more recently the ne’er-do-wells calling themselves the Tan-goch Band, Felinmawr continues to wrest a living from the frontier lands of Esturiak.

Home Page

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