Meerah “Valtámeri” Hammersong


Meera attended the bardic school in Dun Darach, across the (small) kingdom of Kincyth. Her elven benefactor, known to humans as Kauneusääni, was one of the first elven story-singers to live among the Pyrrish, soon after their first contact in 1192 AB. He was part of an entourage of leaders from the southeast of the Kiryalaigen who chose to travel to the human capital city to understand them better. Collectively this group, the Lähetystö, still resides in the castle at Dun Darach; from the perspective of the Pyrrish, they are a permanent embassy (having been there for 26 years); from the perspective of the elves, they are simply staying for a little while to see what the Pyrrish are like.

Kauneusääni left Dun Darach in 1205 AB in search of more stories to sing, dressed in the courtly manner of the nobles of Dun Darach, and in 1209 met a remarkable young girl in Tordanal with her own spark of story-singing. He gave her the nickname “Valtámeri” (meaning ocean, deep – a powerful but wistful name for the elävä). Returning her to Dun Darach she enrolled at the Barddoniaeth (Bardic College) called Dwnwerth; he checked on her periodically within his travels, wanting her to know some of his people’s stories in their own language.

The Great War was on its way by 1211 and by 1212 was in full effect. Kauneusääni traveled regularly and returned less regularly. By early 1214 he brought news that Tordanal was under full siege, and Meerah made her way with him back to Tordanal across the dangerous and war- torn roads and valleys of Kincyth. He did not speak of it, but she had a sense during her months back in the Low Quarter that he was engaged in the War in some official way. When the siege was broken by the Knights of the White Hand in the fall of that year, she expected to see her mentor again but she did not. She was invited to join the Penrynthwyr, Bard’s College in Tordanal, and was a strong student there until receiving her Harp in 1217.

It has now been two years since she graduated the College and entered the Society. She has traveled within the territory around Tordanal (the cantref Morgannwg) and traveled to its southern extent, the ruined city of Cyfronidd. There she found emptiness, suffering, and tales of flight across the great river Mwyridion. Following these tales she came to Esturiak, a rough borderlands where many of the survivors of the disaster at Cyfronidd have put their lives back together in small crofts, hamlets, and villages. There, they eke an existence from the wilds, rather than face the memories of their loss and their fury at the lords and knights who failed to protect them from the horror of the Great War.

Going from place to place, offering her gifts of knowledge, song, and hope, she has made a few friends in many different places in the Gwyntllym Reaches. Recently, she heard a tale of injustice and murder in Felinmawr – a woodcarver slain and his family missing – and she has made her way from Hafod-wen (a small town known only for its Church of Lugh, a trading- post, and its skilled blacksmith Haewen). On arrival in Felinmawr mid-day on Muin 16th (Diansday) she soon found out that the Redbrands, the local gang accused of the murder, spent their off-hours at the Sleeping Fomor, a tap house and inn of the cheapest sort. Her location determined, she settled her mind on infiltrating their secrets through song and ale.

Meerah “Valtámeri” Hammersong

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