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Quick Reference to Pyrrish Currency

coin metal name value nobles
“d” Iron Dradd 1/10p 1/100n
“p” Copper Penny 10d 1/10n
“n” Silver Noble 10p 1n
“c” Gold Crown 200p 20n
“s” Gold Sovereign 10c 2,000n
“i” Gold Imperial 5s 10,000n

Note: Pyrrish Imperials are not traded in Kincyth in any active form. Dwarven coins of that value are known to be in use and are accepted by trade guilds in major Kincythian cities. A “crown” is a reference to a duke, such as the Five Dukes of Kincyth, and bears their likenesses. A “sovereign” is a reference to the King of Kincyth, currently Eolair “The Fox”.

Quick Reference to Pyrrish Prices

Annual rent to feudal lord for an acre of land 1-2n
Three room peasant’s house (600-900 square feet) 2–4c
Two storey row house in a town 6–8c
Two storey shop and living apartments in a town 12–20c
Luxury townhouse with courtyard 40–120c
Farmer Price, 36 liters (1 bushel) of wheat grain 1n+0–5p
Farmer Price, one pound of wool 2n
Candles (per pound) 2–3p
Hundred Gallons of ale 3–5n
Two pound loaf of bread 4d
Farmer’s cart (iron fittings) 8–12n
Mould board plow 1n5p–2n
Yoke for oxen (hire) 2–4p
Adult pig 6–8n
Milk cow 12–16n
Shovel 4p
Axe 5–8p
Cheap sword 6-8p
Expensive sword (no jewels or precious metals) 6-8n
Knife 2p
Spinning wheel 1n5p–2n
Brass pot 2-4n
Table cloth 2-4n
Bed covering (heavy blanket) 4-8p
Sheet for bed 4-8p
Silk quilt 20-24n
Mattress cover (to be stuffed with hay) 2-4p
Pillow (to be stuffed with hay) 2-3p
Chair 1n
Stool 4-6p
Chest, with lock 8-12 n
Emptying a cess-pit in a town (1,000 gallons) 10-16n
Loom and treadle (for making cloth at home) 4-8n
Woman’s chemise (linen undergarment) 8-10p
Cheap cloth for peasant clothing (per yard) 8p–2n4p
Wool tunic (2-2.5 yards of cloth) 6-8n
Better quality wool tunic, dyed various colors 10-14n
Fur lined wool tunic 12-16n
Pair of leather shoes 6p–2n
Peasant savings (coins buried, for emergencies) 1-4c

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