A recent resettlement in the highest arable land west of the Gwyntllym Reaches, Felinmawr has been a hard-scrabble town living on the ebb and flow of trade between the Pyrrish city of Tordanal and the Dvergur fort-town of Harvígí. The relative constants have been farming, trapping, and wildcat mining, and the community has largely been effective in providing their own defense against goblins and orcs, and establishing a rough law-and-order based on Pyrrish customs. Known to be generally short-handed, it has a reputation of being a good source of paid day labor, which attracts a narrow but steady flow of itinerants who work on the farms or in town for small coin.

Felinmawr is a frontier town built on and in the ruins of at least two older towns in the same spot. The town’s largest building is an ancient and massive mill apparently built to smash rocks and smelt the resulting ore. The mill is centuries out of operation and has an ominous feeling within, so townsfolk and travelers avoid it in general. The mill sits astride the river that flows down from the northeast and then curves south to southeast. The mountains and hills that give rise to the river dominate the eastern horizon, running north and south as far as the eye can see.

The town is situated within Cwm Felin.

The main road out of town is the Harvígi Heol, heading west-southwest to the dwarf fort-town of Harvígí and east-northeast through the Gwyntllym Reaches to Tordanal and the River Mwyridion, the main source of trade for Kincyth.


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